Zephyr’s Happy Tail!

Zephyr’s Happy Tail!

Update from Zephyr’s new owner:

“The first two weeks have been wonderful! He has bonded incredibly well with me and we have explored dog parks, stores, and even went hiking one day! He is exactly what I needed, and as I am writing this email, he is lying by my feet and snoring. I know some people say he is lucky I adopted him, but really I am the lucky one because he has so much love to give! I am so thankful he was available and is willing to love me every single day no matter what mood I am in. My housemates also love him, so he is extremely spoiled, and he deserves it. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am and how thankful I am for organizations like LAWS that give people like me opportunities to adopt incredible animals.

Again, thank you for connecting me with Zephyr; it was a total blessing.”


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