Volunteers in Action

Published on February 20, 2014 under Safety
Volunteers in Action

Inside a Cat HouseL.A.W.S. supports Cat Houses! Well, not that kind of cat house. The ones our wonderful volunteers have built are very simple; no carpets or chandeliers, just a nice little entrance door, the right size for a chilly kitty (but too small for a coyote), with a baffle to keep that nasty cold wind from blowing into the bedroom, and a raised sleeping platform to keep the kitty away from the cold ground floor. These houses accommodate up to eight kitties, come furnished with fresh straw or hay (which does not get wet or cold nearly as fast as blankets). The tops are hinged, so a friendly volunteer can just lift it up, scoop out old, squashed-down hay, do a quick cleaning job, and put in fresh dry hay. Wha-la! Redecoration is complete!

Each house is located within easy walking distance of reliable dining facilities (including fresh water), which is served by another caring volunteer. Painted in earth tones and arranged with feng shui in mind, this little gem serves a kitty in need who is not able to live inside people houses.

For information on how to get involved, please contact us!