Trap, Neuter & Return

A Humane Solution for Homeless Kittens

Since October of 2013 when we really began to bring in colony managers for the TNR program, our volunteers have captured over 120 kittens from those colonies; we have placed these kittens in foster homes to grow and be socialized. When they are 7 or 8 weeks, we post them for adoption, and we have found good homes for all of them! Each kitten goes to its new family spayed or neutered, with first shots and a microchip so it has a chance of getting back home if disaster strikes and it strays. The adults have been brought in, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and returned to live peacefully where they were, with daily food and water and with decent shelter. But no more kittens!

We are so grateful to all the wonderful volunteers, homeowners, and ranch owners who have helped to get this program off to such a wonderful start, and to the families who have offered loving homes to 120 little fur balls who otherwise would have led grim lives for a couple of years and then died.


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Will You Be a Caretaker?

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