This Awesome Pair Will Make a Great Addition to Your Home

This Awesome Pair Will Make a Great Addition to Your Home

Bopper & Cali

Bopper and Cali are very wonderful kitties and have been a joy to be around. Unfortunately we cannot keep them and need to find loving forever homes for them.

They get along well with each other and would make an awesome pair in your home. They like snuggling while they sleep, and they love to play with anything that rolls and/or jingles. They also love toys with feathers on them (scratching posts are great too). Their favorites seem to be string and gift wrapping ribbon.

Bopper (male) is a beautiful black and gray striped color. He looks like he’ll become a larger cat. He has short hair, and he’s soft and fluffy. His eyes are a grayish color. He likes to be held in short bits, and he loves to have his back and tummy scratched. He also makes very cute noises.


Cali (female) is petite, soft and cuddly. She is a calico short-hair. She likes being held on her back and having her belly scratched. Her eyes are a caramel-brown color. She also makes a bunch of cute noises other than her cute little meows.

Both Cali and Bopper are fixed and have had their rabies, distemper, and leukemia shots.
Please help us get homes for this awesome little pair!

To meet Cali and Bopper, call Justin at (307) 399-6737.