Snow Danger—What You Can Do to Save Animals

Snow Danger—What You Can Do to Save Animals

It only takes a minute to save a life and avoid a lot of nuisance and vet bills.

Clear Out Snow

So that no animal refugee will perish from lack of an exit, clear out snow from under cars, sheds, foundations and anywhere else animals can hide. ​Also check window wells! And if you see a trapped animal, you can entice him/her out with a nice canned treat.

Check Before Starting Your Car…

Before starting a car that has been out in cold weather several hours, first check for a kitty napping underneath it, on top of tires in wheel wells or on the engine. Starting the car will send belts moving, which can rip off an animal’s legs or slice cuts into their sides.

Thank you for doing your part this winter to protect animals from snow danger!