Programs & Resources

Laramie Animal Welfare Society’s Programs

Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR)

Our local volunteers and vet clinics aid in the humane management of stray and feral cat colonies. Spay and neuter surgery, vaccinations and other needed medical care is provided to the cats before they are returned to their colonies. The kittens are also provided medical care and placed in Laramie foster homes, where they are socialized and raised to be house pets.

Learn more about this amazing volunteer program on the Trap, Neuter and Return page.

Working/Barn Cats

If you’re looking to adopt a cat that is more independent and will thrive in settings like barns, workshops, or warehouses, then consider adopting a working/barn cat. Working/barn cats keep rodent populations down, which minimizes the spread of diseases and protects grain and other food supplies.

Learn more about these cats on the Working/Barn Cats page.

Spay and Neuter Coupons

For those who need it, Laramie Animal Welfare Society offers coupons to help with spay and neuter costs for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Request your coupon from our Spay and Neuter Coupons page.

Compassionate Care Program

In the event of an emergency or crisis, the Laramie Animal Welfare Society will assist pet owners in finding an approved local foster home, ensuring that their pet(s) have temporary housing and care.

Visit the Compassionate Care Program page to learn more.

Pet Rehoming Assistance

LAWS will assist community pet owners who need to rehome their pets by placing their pet’s bio on our Rehoming Bulletin Board. It will be up to you to check out applicants, arrange to meet with them, and have them meet your pet. LAWS makes no guarantees that you will find a good home, nor can we take your pet for you—we do not operate a shelter.

Learn how to get rehoming assistance from our Rehoming Assistance Page.


Our website provides a page of local vets and other helpful pet owner information. Please Note: This page of resources is not intended as an endorsement and is provided for informational purposes only.

Check out our “furiendly” listing of links on the Resources page!