Moka, Survivor of Hurricane Katrina, Needs a New Home

Moka, Survivor of Hurricane Katrina, Needs a New Home

Moka’s Story

Moka is a 12 to 15 year-old spayed, declawed, loving kitty. She and her cat companion (now deceased) were found hiding under a bed in a half-destroyed house in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina. Many efforts were made to find her original humans, but they were never found. Moka lived near Cheyenne with a kind, older lady for a number of years, but she became too frail and could no longer care for Moka. I have had Moka now for about six months with the hope that she could be integrated successfully into my home. Unfortunately, my cats are too aggressive towards her and she isn’t able to leave my bedroom.

A Mellow Little Kitty

Moka is in good health, still very playful, LOVES to be petted and brushed, watch the birds outside, and sit in warm laps. She would be a perfect companion for someone with a low-key lifestyle; probably with no other cats or with very mellow cats and/or dogs.

Be Her Savior

Moka has been through a lot in her life, but she is the epitome of resilience and hope. I want the very best for her and I carry hope that the perfect home is waiting for her in which she can happily live the remainder of her golden years.

For adoption information for Moka, email Dawn Johnson at

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