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Microchipping Saves Local Kitty!

Microchipping Saves Local Kitty!

This little cat somehow got up on the roof of a house and could not get down again. After about 2 weeks, she eventually began to cry and cry, and neighbors rescued her with ladders. She was thin and scared, but friendly and very vocal. Naturally this occurred over a weekend, but the next week her rescuers took her to a vet to scan for a microchip, and she had one! One phone call, and her owner picked her up that afternoon!

Without that microchip, the next best option would’ve been to post multiple “found kitty” notices and simply hope that someone recognized this little girl.

LAWS is holding a low-cost microchipping clinic at Dog Day in the Park on August 28. Click here for details, and be sure your kitty has the same wonderful ticket home!

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