“Kitty De-stresser” Helps Students Prepare for Finals

“Kitty De-stresser” Helps Students Prepare for Finals

Everyone who has lived through Finals Week knows how stressful it can be, and there are many techniques for dealing with stress. On May 4, the UW Wellness Center and Laramie Animal Welfare Society hosted what may be the smartest and most successful de-stresser of all—a Kitten Fest!

Because Everyone Needs a Little Love

There is nothing as cuddly as a kitten! Our fosters took their little charges up to the Wellness Center, and any student in need of furry love attended and played with a kitten or one of our very laid-back volunteer cats. Between Max (who is on a kitty diet for obvious reasons) and the tiny two-day-old kitten, there was something for everyone. Everyone enjoyed it (even the kittens), as you can see!

Two day-old kitten
Chef and student
kitten needing a home
Roxy and students
Student and kitty

LAWS has orphan kittens in foster homes until they have grown up enough to be adopted. If you are interested in adopting or fostering a pet with LAWS, reach us on our Contact page!

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