July Tips for Pet Safety

Published on July 9, 2014 under Safety
July Tips for Pet Safety

Summer has finally arrived in the Laramie area, and we all are outdoors as much as possible, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and cool breezes. Our pets will enjoy summer as much as we do if we remember they have fur coats and can’t perspire, and we use a little common sense. The obvious ones are:

  1. Make sure pets have plenty of fresh, clean water. And if they are outdoors, provide them a shady, breezy place to retreat.
  2. Never leave a pet in a care for any time in the summer; the car will get to 120F in a very short time and your pet may die of heat stroke.
  3. Do not make your dog run fast for a long way (for example beside your bicycle). Stop and provide water, take it slowly, and go shorter distances.

ASPCA has some great tips on its website!