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Financial Assistance with Vet Bills

Financial Assistance with Vet Bills

Sometimes we have enough difficulty paying for medical or dental care for ourselves and our families, and it’s no secret that veterinary medical costs have risen over the years just as our own have. It’s dreadful to have a pet who needs care, even preventive care (yearly exam and vaccinations), and to have to decide to let the pet suffer because we can’t pay for the care. LAWS receives heartbreaking calls regularly from people who just don’t have the $250 or more to help a pet with an injury or illness. We can’t help with these cases, but there is some help available.

Click HERE to go to the listing, which is pretty much by state or geographic area, or for specific diseases. Any of these links will take you to a website which will tell you more, or will give you a phone number or other way to find out if they can help you.

Source: VP Client Information Sheets
Authored by: Phyllis DeGioia, Editor
Address (URL): Financial Assistance for Veterinary Bills

There’s Also Affordable Insurance!

Pet medical insurance is also available, and doesn’t cost much, in comparison to the bill for a problem that has become serious. Also explore with your veterinary care provider whether they will let you pay ahead of time, month-to-month, for things like shots, yearly exams and planned dental care. Or even just have some money on deposit in case of a crisis. It’s worth asking about!