He’ll Happily Let You Change His Name

Published on September 10, 2016 under Adopt
He’ll Happily Let You Change His Name

Hi! I am currently using an alias, Kitty Kitty, as I lost my family and no one I’ve met here understands when I tell them my name. I’m a pretty laid-back cat, so long as the food is good and there is some love, I’m happy! I’ve had a terrible time trying to survive out in the wild for weeks. I don’t really remember how I lost my home—I have a nightmares about being thrown away by the people I thought loved me. My fur was in horrible mats that pulled and tweaked, and I just couldn’t cope! Thankfully, a wonderful lady found me, fed me, and understood what I needed, so she took me to a vet who shaved off the mats and fixed my teeth—I feel so much better! I’ve been “fixed”, so I’m not interested in girl kitties except to play and nap with. The lady who found me can’t keep me though, because a couple of her cats and I just don’t seem to get along; I do like the female, just not the males. I really need to find a different home! I love being petted and I love playing with toys. I don’t like my rear end touched—some bad stuff happened when I was little, and I am nervous about it. I’d sure love to meet you and maybe be your friend forever—I have a lot of love stored up. …And maybe you could give me a proper new name!

Please note: Kitty Kitty is a Community Pet. People wishing to adopt community pets must get in touch with the owners—LAWS has no further information and does not handle these adoptions.

To meet Kitty Kitty, contact Toni Thompson at: