Foster Caregivers Are the Backbone of LAWS

Fosters are the major reason so many animals are successfully adopted into their forever homes. Fostering provides animals immediate shelter and care in their time of upheaval and uncertainty; and for many people, it fulfills the need to have furry companions without the obligation of “forever” responsibilities.

If you live in the Albany County area and are interested in making a tremendous difference in the lives of homeless, abandoned, or forgotten animals, please consider applying to foster!

Pets Who Need Fostering

Every year LAWS welcomes hundreds of animals into the program. Occasionally LAWS has need of foster homes for dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and other animals. However, the primary focus at this time is on cats and kittens. From neonatal kittens (“bottle babies”) to elderly cats looking for a warm ray of sunshine, the varieties of cats needing foster homes are many. Some older kittens or young adult cats might need a little extra socialization in a home setting, or some adult cats might need assistance with a regular medication, or a new momma cat and her babies might need a safe haven. All the animals who come to LAWS deserve a soft place to land while they await their forever homes.

Resources Provided to Fosters

LAWS foster caregivers receive training, supplies, and support throughout the foster experience. Food, medical care, and other supplies are provided. The most important role of the foster caregiver is to provide exactly that: care! Kindness, appropriate attention, a clean dwelling with food and water, and love are needed as well.

Time is a big part of fostering and there are a few commitments that should be considered:

The younger the animal, the more time required. Also, vet appointments, Adoption Caturdays, and other social events may require attendance. Some of our animals have special needs and may need additional time allocation. Each and every animal is unique, different, and wonderful. What better way to spend time than helping, loving, and caring for some of life’s greatest little souls!

Unable to foster? Your sponsorship is just as helpful!