A Great Way to Have a Part-Time Pet

Fostering provides animals immediate shelter and care in their time of upheaval and uncertainty. For many people, it fulfills the need to have furry companions without the obligation of “forever” responsibilities.

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Pets Needing Foster Care Now

Norman (He needs fostering, and there’s potential to adopt him.)



Norman is a two and a half year old Keeshond/Shepherd/Terrier mix (His DNA swab also mentioned a healthy dose of dachshund hidden somewhere in this 70lbs pup). We have known each other since before he opened his eyes. He was part of a rescue litter from Oakland CA that was individually placed through a network of friends–We still exchange photos and updates with some of his siblings from time to time. Norman has a fascination with pouncing on shadows and chasing light beams that are best discouraged, as they teach him to fixate if reinforced. He is socialized with other dogs, and has lived in houses with cats, when properly introduced. He can be fearful and aloof with new people (which can manifest as barking, etc.), but once you are recognized as a friend, there is so much love, kisses, and curled up cuddles (his “Spot” is tucked right behind your knees), that it may be all you can do to not have the world’s all time heavyweight champion lap dog. He would do best in a home with experienced dog people, and at least one other dog.

Norman is a smart dog whose favorite games include fetch (sticks hold more sway than balls, but both are great), tug, romping with other pups as allowed. In his early life, Norman lived in a house that helped rescue and foster dogs from a kill shelter to good homes, and learned how to meet new pups. As a puppy, he was attacked by a small pack of Samoyed/Husky type dogs, and has had a hard time meeting these breed types since.

While we lived in Vermont, he was trained with the UpBeat K-9 in Rutland VT, and is responsive to low levels of his E-Collar as necessary to help him over a mild case of fear in meeting new people, and responds to his commands well (He will travel with his collar, and we can supply a full copy of his lessons and training).

Unfortunately my current life situation has prolonged our planned reunion without a set date in sight. As such, we are looking for a long term foster option of 3 months to a year. If this would turn out to be a better fit for his quality of life, we would consider discussion of a rehoming, should the need arise.

With gratitude,
Billy and Norman

To meet Norman, contact Billy Higgins at (415) 233-3859 or

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