A Great Way to Have a Part-Time Pet

Fostering provides animals immediate shelter and care in their time of upheaval and uncertainty. For many people, it fulfills the need to have furry companions without the obligation of “forever” responsibilities.

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Pets Needing Foster Care Now

Please help—Pepper is sad, frightened, confused, and he really needs a friend right now!

Pepper is a 13-year-old blue healer whose owner has a very serious cancer, and they are having to sell everything to deal with healthcare expenses. They were going to have Pepper euthanized, but a vet technician managed to convince them to leave him with her and her husband. They, however, already have two dogs, and their landlord has said “No” to a third. Their younger dog bullies Pepper very badly, so Pepper needs a foster home until he can find a forever home. He is neutered and probably up-to-date on shots, but you may check for sure with Pepper’s vet, Animal Health Center.

If you can help foster Pepper, please contact Derek Ogren, who can be reached at or (307) 703-0158.

Unable to foster? Your sponsorship is just as helpful!