Successful Fall 2015 MicroChip Clinic/Kitten Adoption Event

Successful Fall 2015 MicroChip Clinic/Kitten Adoption Event

70% of cats taken to shelters are euthanized, but having a microchip can make the difference between “home again” and “gone”.

Clients and kittens
Little girl and dog
Woman and kitty
Man cuddling kitten

LAWS’ combined fall Microchip Clinic/Kitten Adoption Event was a great success on both sides! With the invaluable help of volunteers Amber Young and Alex Wittorff and also from a client, Ruby Seidl, we managed to subdue what began as a complete circus to a manageable dual-event. Caring people brought 33 dogs (all sizes,  Alsatian to Yorkshire Terrier, all temperaments from bossy to wiggly), and wonderfully, 10 cats and a ferret! We are always so glad to see cats come to be microchipped. Everybody behaved very well, and all the folks brought some pet food items for us to drop off at Interfaith/Good Samaritan, to help those people who need a little help to keep their pets fed.

On the kitten side of it, we had several customers nearly succumb to the cuteness in the Kitten Cage. It is  a wonderful structure covered in netting, and one unzips the entry, walks in and zips up again to play with the kittens in safety (except those little furry wigglers can squeeze through the mesh, so you can’t take your eye off them for a second).

There was some pretty serious cuddling and playing going on, and in the end, six kittens were adopted and applications were filled out for three more, which means nine more kittens will be going to good homes instead of dying in an alley or vacant lot–or worse, surviving to make more kittens! All kittens have been spayed or neutered, have their first shots and a microchip, so they are on their way to a safe, healthy life with folks who will love them. It doesn’t get much better than that!

LAWS is most grateful to UW for making the space available at the Animal Sciences/Molecular Biology building–it is just perfect, with parking and ease of access.

If you missed this microchip clinic, check this website for the next one, around mid February to early March.