Every Cent Counts

The Laramie Animal Welfare Society has been able to accomplish wonderful things to help pets in the Laramie area! Half of our funds have come from donations, large and small, from the caring people in Laramie and surrounding towns.

All the programs we offer cost money, and we are determined to continue them, as well as add educational and pet-training programs. So if you’d like to help alleviate pet overpopulation and the tragedy of stray animals, please support us with your gift.

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Honor a Friend or Pet with Your Gift

Would you like to honor a friend or a pet, or make a donation in memory of them? Honoring, birthday, and memorial gifts may be mailed to Laramie Animal Welfare Society. All donors will receive acknowledgements, and notes will be sent to honorees or families in case of memorials.

Please make all checks out to Laramie Animal Welfare Society and mail them to:

Laramie Animal Welfare Society
1104 South Second Street
Laramie, WY 82070

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Donations Have Enabled Us To:

  • Pay for $250,000 of the cost of renovating the Laramie Animal Shelter, help the city to create a truly excellent facility, with isolation rooms for sick animals, comfortable, easily-cleaned quarters for the cats and a special room for play and interaction with volunteers, spacious cages for the dogs, with raised beds that are easy to clean, more room for the staff operations, and a room for education and programs which can also double as a place to introduce a hopeful adopter with a hopeful future furry friend.
  • Provide coupons to help pay for the cost of spaying or neutering pets. These are at the Shelter and available to anyone.
  • Pay to spay or neuter every intact animal adopted from the Shelter since fall of 2007. This way nobody “slips through the cracks”, and we run no danger of unwanted litters.
  • Run our Compassionate Care Program, which helps people find care for their pets at times of crisis, family or health problems or other short-term situations.
  • Pay for medical care for animals at the Shelter.
  • Conduct low-cost microchip clinics three or four times a year, to help lost or strayed pets be returned to their families.
  • Support spay/neuter/vaccination and managed-care programs manned by volunteers in areas outside the city where colonies of feral cats are found. This is very helpful to people living in the country when stray cats begin to show up. A managed colony does not grow unless more outside cats come in—they are all neutered and they are fed so they hunt less, and they are vaccinated against rabies and other common diseases.

*If you would like to help out with any of these great programs, visit our Volunteer page!