Compassionate Care Program

Helping Pets and Their People

The Laramie Animal Welfare Society has launched a Compassionate Care Program (CCP). The idea behind such a program is that when a person or family finds themselves in an emergency or crisis situation, where their animals need temporary housing or care until the crisis is resolved, an approved local foster home will be available, through the Laramie Animal Welfare Society. Unfortunate things happen, and sometimes people find themselves in a position where, without such a program, their only option is to take their beloved pet to the animal shelter.

Examples of Real-Life Situations Where CCP has Helped:

  • The Friday before Christmas in December of 2013, a family was on its way to Reno, Nevada from Minnesota, when they became involved in a bad highway crash on I-80 outside Laramie. They were not badly hurt, but certainly shaken up; their old golden retriever, Riley, was thrown from the truck and luckily caught by investigating officers, who took him to the Laramie Animal Shelter. The family needed to be on their way, by air this time, and Riley could not travel with them. LAWS took responsibility for Riley and his medical care (luckily no injuries, just a bad shock) and helped the family put together a series of rides to get Riley to Reno, through Roads of Hope. He got home safely about ten days after Christmas.
  • A woman needed medical treatment, but had no one to care for her pet for the two-week hospital stay, so she refused treatment until acceptable arrangements could be made for her pet.
  • Another family, due to the economic downturn, was forced to leave their home and move into an apartment temporarily. They did not want to give up their dogs, determined that it would be only a short time until they could make arrangements for a pet-friendly housing alternative.
  • This past summer, a woman and her cat broke down in Laramie during their move across the country. Being financially strapped, she took the donated bus ticket and left her cat in our care, while arrangements could be made through the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network to transport the cat to his new home in South Carolina.
  • This happened again recently, where a woman had to leave her little Pomeranian, Tuffy, in our care, and go on to Minneapolis without her. Arrangements for Tuffy’s transport are being made at this time. UPDATE: After six months, Tuffy’s owner was able to reunite with her on the way back to California. She was amazed at the progress Tuffy had made in using her back legs (Tuffy had a kneecap problem, but we worked on those muscles until she could go up and down long staircases!).
  • Upon returning from Russia, a civilian working with the military, who owned two rescued cats, was then sent to Afghanistan for a year. He contacted us, and his cats are now in safe keeping with a loving foster home until he returns.

Compassionate Care Request Form

To request CCP’s help, please provide the contact information for the person (you or someone else) requiring foster care.

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Volunteer to Foster

The CCP needs your help. We need more foster homes and pet care-givers here in Laramie to provide our neighbors, friends, and fellow animal lovers and their pets a safe and compassionate option when a crisis arises. Do you have friends who are older or retired, who may not want a full-time commitment to a companion animal, but might like to have some temporary company? Do you know people who would like to offer their home or care-giving skills for an animal in a time of need? Flip the coin and think about where your pets would be if you were facing a crisis and had no choice but to leave them immediately until the situation was resolved. If you are willing to foster a pet, please fill out and submit the Foster Care Volunteer Application located on our Foster page.