Lost Pet

Black Male Cat Escaped Outside Laramie Sinclair Truck Stop

Black Male Cat Escaped Outside Laramie Sinclair Truck Stop

Please Help Us Find “Midnight”

My dad is moving from Idaho to Texas, and while at the Sinclair truck stop outside of Laramie, his black male cat named Midnight escaped the vehicle. He looked for three hours, but due to his new job timeline he had to continue on. We are trying to find a rescue or help finding him. I am in Burley Idaho.

Physical Description

Solid black; no collar or microchip; not fixed. I’m not sure where he escaped on the lot. Dad had a truck pulling a large camper. Midnight has never been around anyone other than my stepdad, myself and my kids. We don’t know how he’d react to strangers. He was lost yesterday. No pics. He’s never been out of their yard.

My dad has to pass back through in a week or two to get the rest of his belongings. He started a new job, so I’m not sure how many days it’ll be before he makes another trip. He always stops at that rest stop. The cat has always been really cuddly with us in the family. He’s just never been around strangers in any way.

Contact Phone Number

If you have any information on Midnight, please call Kelli Decora at (307) 760-4289.