Happy Tail: Asha Has Been Adopted!

Happy Tail: Asha Has Been Adopted!

Seven-Years-Old, Springer-Heeler Mix Needs Re-Homing

Asha’s Smart & She Catches on Quickly

Asha is very energetic and loves to play. She would do best in a home where she is the only dog. She LOVES to fetch and will play forever. She loves the water and being in the car. She is a cuddle bug and still tends to think she is a 40 lb lap dog. She gets along well with kids and cats (we have both in our home). She will need a secure fence, at least six feet tall, as she likes to go on adventures. She knows basic commands (sit, lay & catch) and is smart and will catch on quickly if someone takes the time to really work with her. She is kennel-trained and will respond to that command, too. She is not a big fan of leashes but would likely get better if one was used more often. She is spayed and will have her vaccinations updated prior to re-homing. She does not have any health issues or diet restrictions.

We Want Asha to Go to a Forever, Loving Home

We are very sad to have to take this step since she is very much like one of our children. She is a great dog but does not get along well with our Corgi mix anymore. We have had her since she was born, but we have two kids now and just cannot take the chance of them being near a dog fight. We have no fear of her biting the children or anyone else, we simply can’t take the risk of our kids being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That being said, we will be very particular about who adopts her.

Please contact Kassandra Lundblad at or (307) 761-9577 for more information on Asha.