Rehoming Assistance

When You Can’t Keep Your Pet

LAWS provides rehoming assistance to local pet owners by allowing them to post their pet’s photo, a brief bio, and the owner’s contact information on the Rehoming Bulletin Board. It is up to the owners to review applicants, arrange to meet applicants, and have applicants meet their pet.

LAWS makes no guarantees that you will find a good home, nor can we take your pet for you—we do not operate a shelter. We provide this as a community service, and we reserve the right to discard any posting that we believe to be inappropriate, or we may require further information if we believe it necessary. We will remove any posting after 30 days unless you contact us to say you need it kept up.

Five Things You Must Do to Request Rehoming Assistance:

  1. Include the reason you are surrendering your pet, and provide proof that it is current on vaccinations. It should also be spayed or neutered.
  2. Send us a couple of good photos and a bio of each pet, including habits, likes, personality (playful, cuddly, extra-loving, feisty, energetic, explorer, hunter, etc.), favorite toys and foods.
  3. Provide the date that the pet must be out of your home and any other information a new owner will need.
  4. Provide your phone number or other contact information so that prospective adopters can get in touch with you.
  5. (Optional) Prospective adopters will most likely email you a completed adoption application. However, should you choose to use it, LAWS also provides an Owner Rehoming Pet Adoption Agreement that you may download and provide to your prospective adopters.