Rehoming Bulletin Board

All Rehoming Pets Belong to Local Owners Who Can No Longer Care for Them.

These pets are spayed/neutered and current on their vaccinations. All you have to do is make your selection and connect with the owner! Please note: LAWS does not oversee the adoptions of these pets.

To adopt a Rehoming Pet:

  1. Select your Rehoming Pet.
  2. Download, fill in, and email the Rehoming Pet Adoption Application to the owner of the pet you’ve selected. (After you open the application, if you DOWNLOAD it and then open the downloaded version, you can fill out the application electronically.)
  3. Call or send a follow-up email to the owner to ensure he/she received your application.

Do You Need Assistance Rehoming Your Own Pet?

If you are unable to keep your pet for any reason, LAWS can assist you in finding a new home. Visit our Rehoming Assistance page.

Pets Available for Rehoming



Otis & Zoey

Otis and Zoey side-by-side in the yard


Why Otis & Zoey Need Rehoming:

I have two dogs that I am looking to rehome. My husband is active duty military, and we will be moving sometime within the next few months. As our future living situation is unknown, we will not be able to take along all of our dogs. We have three dogs, and the stresses of handling all three along with two kids on my own while my husband is away and too difficult.

About These Two Pals:

Otis is a brindle boxer mix. He came to us from a shelter in 2011 at only nine months old. He has not grown anymore in size and is just as energetic—more of a house-trained forever puppy. He was very anxious in the beginning and could not be in a kennel alone without trying his hardest to escape. His anxiety is not as bad now; however, he still does not do well in a kennel alone and has a difficult time relaxing when trying to cuddle. He loves attention and does well with other dogs unless they show signs of aggression during meal time. He does well with our children but is very anxious and tends to walk away when babies get close. He also tends to get jealous but playtime can help with that. His favorite thing is to do is play fetch and run around the yard.

Zoey was rehomed with us in 2012 at six years old, and she’s Otis’ pal. She and Otis are a happy pair and do well in a kennel together. Zoey has many masses on her body and ulcers in her eyes. We are not sure how much life she has left, but she does try to keep up with Otis. She enjoys cuddling and hiding under blankets to nap, she also uses Otis as a chair at times.

We would love for these two to be rehomed together if possible, but we do understand the difficulty with finding a good home for two dogs. Their large kennel will be included with the adoption.

If you are interested in Otis and Zoey, please call Khryshell Beebe at (208) 704-8147.