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Open Your Home to a Furever Friend

All Rehoming Pets belong to local owners who can no longer care for them. These pets are spayed/neutered and current on their vaccinations. All you have to do is make your selection and connect with the owner! Please note: LAWS does not oversee the adoptions of these pets.

Need Rehoming Assistance?

If you are unable to keep your pet for any reason, LAWS can assist you in finding a new home. Visit our Rehoming Assistance page.

Rehoming Bulletin Board

To adopt a Rehoming Pet:

  1. Select your Rehoming Pet.
  2. Download, fill in, and email the Rehoming Pet Adoption Application to the owner of the pet you’ve selected. (After you open the application, if you DOWNLOAD it and then open the downloaded version, you can fill out the application electronically.)
  3. Call or send a follow-up email to the owner to ensure he/she received your application.


“Mama Ming”

Beautiful black and white cat Ming resting in a kitty tree
Ming was adopted from LAWS about 2 years ago, but her owner can no longer keep her. Ming is very busy, curious and loving. Ming would make an excellent companion on her own, but if you’re fostering kittens, she would be a great helper for you! Ming adores baby kittens. She can’t feed them, but she really seems to adopt any small kitten by grooming and mothering it. Ming would be a warm, furry mama in all other respects!

Please contact Michele Schick at (307) 761-9477 if you are interested in adopting Ming.

Two Lovelies for Foster

Two Lovely Cats Ready to be Fostered
Looking for a temporary one-year home (from now until next summer) that’s a good fit for two cats in Laramie or the surrounding Wyoming or Colorado area. Thank you for considering!

Please contact Elena Martinez at to discuss the logistics and specifics of adopting these two.




Mandy needs a good home. She has a sensitive stomach, apparently associated with being a Manx! She’s a beautiful kitty, maybe 11 years old, friendly, gets along well with other cats and dogs (depending on the dogs). Although she’s only lived with cats, she’s had dogs around fairly often. Mandy will need to lose some weight and she has difficulty with mats. She is now on urinary tract dry food, and FortiFlora, with occasional canned food as a treat. Prior to adoption, her vaccinations will be updated, she’ll have a full physical done, and she’ll be groomed (since she’s too overweight to keep up with that herself).

To meet Mandy, please call (307) 460-8283 or (307) 399-8495.

Bopper & Cali



Bopper and Cali are very wonderful kitties and have been a joy to be around. Unfortunately we cannot keep them and need to find loving forever homes for them.

They get along well with each other and would make an awesome pair in your home. They like snuggling while they sleep, and they love to play with anything that rolls and/or jingles. They also love toys with feathers on them (scratching posts are great too). Their favorites seem to be string and gift wrapping ribbon.

Bopper (male) is a beautiful black and gray striped color. He looks like he’ll become a larger cat. He has short hair, and he’s soft and fluffy. His eyes are a grayish color. He likes to be held in short bits, and he loves to have his back and tummy scratched. He also makes very cute noises.


Cali (female) is petite, soft and cuddly. She is a calico short-hair. She likes being held on her back and having her belly scratched. Her eyes are a caramel-brown color. She also makes a bunch of cute noises other than her cute little meows.

Both Cali and Bopper are fixed and have had their rabies, distemper, and leukemia shots.
Please help us get homes for this awesome little pair!

To meet Cali and Bopper, call Justin at (307) 399-6737.

The Fantastic Four Fosters

Harriet cats


Hermione, Hans Friedrick, Ron, and Ekaterina all came from the same home. They are all about 12 to 14 years old and are incredibly sweet. However, their living situation has changed, and now they are currently being fostered. They are in need of good forever homes.

To meet any of the Fantastic Four Fosters, email LAWS at:, and we’ll direct you to their current caretaker.





My daughter is shipping out to the Army in March, and we need to rehome her cat Jax, a 5 1/2 yr-old neutered female.

Jax is a special needs cat. She is blind in one eye and also has Stomatitus—she receives steroids and antibiotics injections every four weeks. Jax has also had a few teeth removed due to this condition.

Jax is a house cat who is loving and playful on a one-on-one basis, but she becomes aggressive toward other cats. She is okay with our dogs and people when her pain level is low. (Her mouth pain makes her sensitive and unpredictable, which is why the injections have to be done routinely.)

We would love for her to find a home with no other cats where she will be happy!

To meet Jax, call Claire Roberts at (307) 399-5639.


Otis & Zoey

Otis and Zoey side-by-side in the yard


Why Otis & Zoey Need Rehoming:

I have two dogs that I am looking to rehome. My husband is active duty military, and we will be moving sometime within the next few months. As our future living situation is unknown, we will not be able to take along all of our dogs. We have three dogs, and the stresses of handling all three along with two kids on my own while my husband is away and too difficult.

About These Two Pals:

Otis is a brindle boxer mix. He came to us from a shelter in 2011 at only nine months old. He has not grown anymore in size and is just as energetic—more of a house-trained forever puppy. He was very anxious in the beginning and could not be in a kennel alone without trying his hardest to escape. His anxiety is not as bad now; however, he still does not do well in a kennel alone and has a difficult time relaxing when trying to cuddle. He loves attention and does well with other dogs unless they show signs of aggression during meal time. He does well with our children but is very anxious and tends to walk away when babies get close. He also tends to get jealous but playtime can help with that. His favorite thing is to do is play fetch and run around the yard.

Zoey was rehomed with us in 2012 at six years old, and she’s Otis’ pal. She and Otis are a happy pair and do well in a kennel together. Zoey has many masses on her body and ulcers in her eyes. We are not sure how much life she has left, but she does try to keep up with Otis. She enjoys cuddling and hiding under blankets to nap, she also uses Otis as a chair at times.

We would love for these two to be rehomed together if possible, but we do understand the difficulty with finding a good home for two dogs. Their large kennel will be included with the adoption.

If you are interested in Otis and Zoey, please call Khryshell Beebe at (208) 704-8147.

Asha (Seven-Years-Old, Springer-Heeler Mix)



Asha’s Smart & She Catches on Quickly

Asha is very energetic and loves to play. She would do best in a home where she is the only dog. She LOVES to fetch and will play forever. She loves the water and being in the car. She is a cuddle bug and still tends to think she is a 40 lb lap dog. She gets along well with kids and cats (we have both in our home). She will need a secure fence, at least six feet tall, as she likes to go on adventures. She knows basic commands (sit, lay & catch) and is smart and will catch on quickly if someone takes the time to really work with her. She is kennel-trained and will respond to that command, too. She is not a big fan of leashes but would likely get better if one was used more often. She is spayed and will have her vaccinations updated prior to re-homing. She does not have any health issues or diet restrictions.

We Want Asha to Go to a Forever, Loving Home

We are very sad to have to take this step since she is very much like one of our children. She is a great dog but does not get along well with our Corgi mix anymore. We have had her since she was born, but we have two kids now and just cannot take the chance of them being near a dog fight. We have no fear of her biting the children or anyone else, we simply can’t take the risk of our kids being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That being said, we will be very particular about who adopts her.

Please contact Kassandra Lundblad at or (307) 761-9577 for more information on Asha.

Norman (He needs fostering, and there’s potential to adopt him.)



Norman is a two and a half year old Keeshond/Shepherd/Terrier mix (His DNA swab also mentioned a healthy dose of dachshund hidden somewhere in this 70lbs pup). We have known each other since before he opened his eyes. He was part of a rescue litter from Oakland CA that was individually placed through a network of friends–We still exchange photos and updates with some of his siblings from time to time. Norman has a fascination with pouncing on shadows and chasing light beams that are best discouraged, as they teach him to fixate if reinforced. He is socialized with other dogs, and has lived in houses with cats, when properly introduced. He can be fearful and aloof with new people (which can manifest as barking, etc.), but once you are recognized as a friend, there is so much love, kisses, and curled up cuddles (his “Spot” is tucked right behind your knees), that it may be all you can do to not have the world’s all time heavyweight champion lap dog. He would do best in a home with experienced dog people, and at least one other dog.

Norman is a smart dog whose favorite games include fetch (sticks hold more sway than balls, but both are great), tug, romping with other pups as allowed. In his early life, Norman lived in a house that helped rescue and foster dogs from a kill shelter to good homes, and learned how to meet new pups. As a puppy, he was attacked by a small pack of Samoyed/Husky type dogs, and has had a hard time meeting these breed types since.

While we lived in Vermont, he was trained with the UpBeat K-9 in Rutland VT, and is responsive to low levels of his E-Collar as necessary to help him over a mild case of fear in meeting new people, and responds to his commands well (He will travel with his collar, and we can supply a full copy of his lessons and training).

Unfortunately my current life situation has prolonged our planned reunion without a set date in sight. As such, we are looking for a long term foster option of 3 months to a year. If this would turn out to be a better fit for his quality of life, we would consider discussion of a rehoming, should the need arise.

With gratitude,
Billy and Norman

To meet Norman, contact Billy Higgins at (415) 233-3859 or




A month ago my husband and I brought home Champ. He is neutered and up-to-date on his shots. He is house-trained, knows basic commands, and minds really well. Champ is a cuddle bug and is very friendly—he loves attention and would be happy to just lie on the couch with you. Champ had been around other dogs and children, and he got along with our cat and our two-year-old son. However, he can become aggressive to our rescue hound and Chihuahua at playtime, and when he wants my attention while someone else already has it. Champ has never hurt my dogs, but I am worried it will happen eventually. He needs to be in a home where he is the only dog, and I want him to go to a good home.

To meet Champ, contact Josalyn Miller at (307) 710-7022 or