Our Pets Are Waiting for You

Because of our involvement in Trap, Neuter, and Return of feral cats (TNR), many of our adoptables happen to be kittens. However, an occasional cat, dog, or exotic pet comes into our care through the Compassionate Care Program, and we are tasked with finding it a good home. (Some of these pets may be highlighted in the “Spotlight on LAWS Adoptables” section below.) All pets are well-cared-for in foster homes until adopted. Check back often to see our latest additions!

A Completed Adoption Application is Required

Upon approval of the adoption application, our Adoption Coordinator will arrange for you to meet the kitten (or other animal) you are interested in, and if all goes well, will finalize the adoption. All pets will be spayed or neutered, have their first distemper shots and a microchip which you will need to register with your name and contact information.

NOTICE: We have been having problems with applications not coming through to our software, so if you don’t hear from us within two days, please email us at to let us know you submitted an application and on what date. We are working to clear this up and apologize for the inconvenience.

More Adoptable Pets Are Available on the Rehoming Bulletin Board!

LAWS also assists in rehoming for local owners who can no longer care for their pets.

These pets are available for adoption, but adopters will need to contact the owners directly.

Or Perhaps You Are Interested in a Working/Barn Cat

Working/Barn Cats are Invaluable!

These cats differ from indoor or companion cats because they are more independent, do not tolerate much human contact, and thrive in settings such as barns, workshops, or warehouses. They help keep rodent populations down, which in turn keeps diseases down and protects grain and other food supplies. Working/Barn Cats also help lower the need for trapping or poisonous methods of rodent control.