Adopt Jack Webb, the Handsom Panther Kitty

Adopt Jack Webb, the Handsom Panther Kitty

Very loving 3+year-old neutered male who needs to be only animal in household

  • Looks panther-like in his movements: long, lean, dark gray with very expressive tail yet quite fond of his people
  • Adoptee from Laramie Animal Shelter as kitten in April 2013: has microchip plus current vaccines/tags
  • Thrives on attention on his terms: tummy rubs, ear and head-top scratches, chin rubs, but never cuddles
  • Quiet meow; doesn’t “talk”; will meow for acknowledgement/scratches or attention
  • Enjoys discussions which probably include him, his food, his toys
  • Loves to play with laser pointer light, toys w/ feathers attached, kitty balls/bells, catnip ball, stuffed “mouse” [all included with adoption]
  • Always eaten only dry cat food: Purina Complete [one bag included with adoption]
  • Enjoys Temptations “Blissful” Catnip flavor treats (1 or 2 per day in food bowl) [one packet included with adoption]
  • Note: will not take treats or food from human hands
  • Claws grow quickly/need clipping every 3 to 4 weeks
  • Uses scratching post frequently daily [new one included with adoption]
  • Note: large clean covered litter box with container of Tidy Cat clumping litter with Glade scent included with adoption
  • NO collar ever – indoor only animal – no dogs in household
  • Vet: Animal Health Center | 4619 Bobolink Ln | 307-745-6381

Help us find Jack Webb a good home by contacting:

Cindy Elrod
(307) 721-0030